SyxthSense 2020 Product Catalogue and 2020 Room Solutions Brochures

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Building Management Solutions from Small to Large Buildings

SyxthSense offers Building Energy Management Solutions to all sized buildings as well as solutions for Home Automation. Our BMS solutions are highly flexible, based on common industry standards, provide excellent energy savings and are very intuitive and easy to use. SyxthSense BMS solution are designed based on tens of years experience in the industry, but yet they are innovative, fresh and based on the latest technology standards.

Our building management systems solutions can be divided to three categories based on size of applications:

  • Small Sized Buildings e.g. Single Boiler Rooms, Surgeries, Small Schools
  • Medium Sized Buildings e.g. Multiple Plant Rooms, Schools, Office Buildings, Surgeries
  • Large Buildings e.g Hospitals, Integrated Office Buildings, Large Academies, Universities

Obviously nothing stops the use of the large building solutions to be applied to small systems! Furthermore our extensive range of stand-alone controllers and thermostats can also be applied to save energy in many applications.

The flexiblility of our systems allows relevant information to be displayed at the releavnt level without complicating the user interaction. All our solutions can be interrogated via web-browsers and mobile phones, tablets etc. making them simple to use. Should a more traditional PC based 'BMS Station' be required, this can also easily be accomodated.

The diagrams below illustrate typical solutions for different size building:-

Small Building Solutions - HRP/LRP Controller Solutions

Typical Small BMS Solutions
  • Range of Heating Plant Controllers, HRP20, HRP21, HRP22
  • LRP4 Ventilation Plant Controllers
  • Optimised Energy Performance, Intuitive Local User Interfaces
  • Flexible, Networkable, Connectable; grows with your needs
  • Advanced Energy Control Logic
  • Access Via a Standard Web Browser
  • Provide Advanced Historical Data Logging and Alarming Interface
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Small to Medium Sized Building - Sedona Framework Solutions

Sedona Framework Controller Network Examples Network Architecture Example of Sedona Controllers
  • SDC-30 Sedona Programmable Plant Controllers
  • Flexibility, Performance and Capability - New Trend in Building Control
  • SDC-TS35 Colour Touchscreen Plant Interface
  • BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus Networking; support for industry standard solutions
  • HLS44 Fan Coil Unit Controllers with Modbus - Compact Performance
  • HLS35 Underfloor Heating Controllers - Advanced Functionality
  • PVC Natural Ventilation Controllers - unique solution
  • FLTA Wireless Sensors and IOs - proven performance
  • M-Bus Metering - accurate metering integrated
  • Web-Biter Web-Bowser Interface - the most compact and powerful web-interface
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Large Sized Building Solutions - FDX Systems

Large FDX BMS Solutions
  • FDX-2025-TS Programmable Outstation with 10.4" Touchscreen Display and Web-Browser Front-End Integrated
  • FDX-SPIDER Programmable Outstation with 6" TouchScreen, Web-Browser and 40 Inputs and Outputs
  • FDX-MULTI24 Programmable Room Controllers with 24 IOs
  • FDX-MULTI-D Programmable Room Touchscreens
  • Large Range of Modbus IO-Modules for Building Management Systems
  • Modbus HLS44 Fan Coil Unit Controllers
  • Modbus HLS35 Underfoor Heating Controllers
  • Modbus PVC Natural Ventilation Controllers
  • TEHR-MB Modbus Room Temperature Sensors
  • HDH-M Modbus Room CO2 Transmitters and IOs
  • IML-M Modbus Volume Transmitters and Flow Controllers
  • FLTA Modbus Wireless Sensors and IOs
  • M-Bus Metering with Integrated Energy Reporting at Outstation Level

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