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Home Automation Solutions

SyxthSense offers a complete home automation and energy saving solution using FDX Home Automation platform. The FDX Home Automation platform provides large heating energy savings due to intelligent zoning of the house combined with weather compensations and usage pattern analysis. Typically 20-30% energy savings can be achieved automatically reducing the temperature setpoints in the areas not occupied all day e.g. bedrooms normally only need higher temperatures in the morning or living room in the night time. Typically for every degree in the range 22°C to 17°C that you lower the setpoint, you'll save up to 10% on heating costs. For example reducing setpoints 50% house for 4 degrees during unoccupied time could save up to 20% on energy costs, yet without reducing the comfort of the building! It is all in the intelligent profiling of usage that can be achieved by FDX Home Automation solution.

Heating hot water cylinder takesalso lot of energy and intelligent profiling again saves significant amount of energy. For example, heating up 50 liters of water up from 15 degrees to 55 degrees uses 8.4kW heating energy and maintaing this temperature 24/7 uses significant amounts of energy.

SyxthSense FDX Home Automation can also:-

  • Provide intruder alarm system
  • Control your lighting (e.g. garden and entrance lights)
  • Monitor for rain and control your roof windows automatically
  • Provide smoke alarm re-transmission (automatic alarm emails / text messages)
  • Provide gas leak indication / alarm re-transmission
  • Monitor for water leaks in the critical areas
  • Integrate CCTV monitoring
  • Provide integrated doorbell solution
  • Smart Meter integration and consumption reports

FDX Home Automation is suitable for both underfloor heating based as for radiator based systems.

The diagram below illustrates SyxthSense FDX home Automation system:-

FDX Home Automation System Diagram

FDX Home Automation System Case Examples:-

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