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FDX Building Automation for Large Buildings

SyxthSense FDX offers the new innovative way of integrating both the building automation and access control. The FDX system comes with a number of powerful fully programmable outstations. The outstations have built-in web-browser interface with advanced animated colour graphics. The same animated graphics are also available for use locally in the plant room via 6" and 10" industry leading touchscreens.

The FDX solution offer fully open automation from small systems to large sites with large number of buildings. In multi-site installation a central WebVision data server can be installed for incorporation all information to a single location. The ingenious design allows the information already programmed at the building level to the FDX outstation automatically uploaded to the central data server - minimising the configuration requirements.

Typical Network Architecture of FDX Large Sized Building Systems

FDX Building Management Systems Network Architecture Example of FDX building Management

SyxthSense FDX Building management offers flexible network structure future proofing the system. The FDX outstations connect to IO-devices via Modbus communication network. Multiple networks are available making the system as a very flexible. The industry standard Modbus allows effective integration to large range of SyxthSense Modbus products as well as to third party Modbus devices. Each FDX outstation can handle up to 2,000 points making it as an extremely powerful solution for advanced modern building automation.

  • FDX-2025-TS Programmable Outstation with 10.4" Touchscreen Display and Integrated Web-Browser Front-End
  • FDX-SPIDER Programmable Outstation with 6" TouchScreen, Web-Browser and 40 Inputs and Outputs
  • FDX-MULTI24 Programmable Room Controllers with 24 IOs
  • FDX-MULTI-D Programmable Room Touchscreens with Fully Animated Graphics
  • Large Range of Modbus Input/Outpus-Modules for any size building
  • Modbus HLS44 Fan Coil Unit Controllers allow advanced room control
  • Modbus HLS35 Underfoor Heating Controllers
  • Modbus PVC Natural Ventilation Controllers used for energy saving applications
  • TEHR-MB Modbus Room Temperature Sensors, HDH-M Modbus Room CO2 Transmitters and IOs and IML-M Modbus Volume Transmitters and Flow Controllers remove the need for IO-wiring reducing the cost of the installation
  • FLTA Wireless Modbus Interface integrates large range of measurements and energy meter pulse counts effectively to the building management system
  • M-Bus Metering with Integrated Energy Reporting at Outstation Level through TCP/M-Bus converter

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Benefits of FDX Building Management Systems

The FDX system offers a great solution for facility managers allowing simple, energy efficient, accurate and cost effective management of the buildings. The benefits of the FDX system include:-

  • Simple, intuitive animated graphics interface, see essential information at glance
  • Animated graphics available at the plant room levels as well as remotely with standard Web-browsers
  • Automatic alarm transmission with sophisticated alarm rules e.g. maintenance alarms only transmitted during working hours
  • Historical trending at the outstation levels with comprehensive logging engine
  • Energy consumption reports at the outstation level or through a web-browser
  • Open Modbus communication allows effective integration to all field devices saving in the life-time costs
  • Energy metering is provided via M-bus offering reliability and comprehensive information