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SyxthSense 2020 Product Catalogue and 2020 Room Solutions Brochures

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Ultrasonic Energy Meters | WZMC-602 WZMC-602 Energy Meter

MC602 are ultrasonic energy meters for heating and/or cooling Applications. Calculators are powered by battery, 24V or 230Vac depending on the option selected. Number of communications options are available for metering and BMS system connections. The units can be mounted on the volume parts or using a separate mounting bracket. The volume parts are available up to 200mm.
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Application:
WZMC Configured for Heating Applications
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Installation:
WZMC Configured for Return Flow
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Mounting-Kits:
WZMC-BRAC MC602 Calculator Wall Mounting Bracket
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Comms-Options:
WZMC-M-BUS M-Bus Module for MC602
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Power-Options:
WZMC-BAT Battery Power Supply for MC602
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Sensor-Options:
Pt500 Sensor Set, 1.5m Cable
Select from Ultrasonic-Energy-Meter-Pocket-Options:
Sensor Pocket Set (2pcs), 65mm x R1/2
Select from Ultrasonic-Screwed-and-Flanged-Volume-Parts:
WZVOL-15-0-6 DN15 Ultrasonic Volume Part 0.6 m3/h