SyxthSense 2020 Product Catalogue and 2020 Room Solutions Brochures

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WS-SEN-SOL Solar Radiation Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor for WS-MOD Weatherstation or WS-MOD-249 interface module. The unit measures solar radiation at wavelengths 400 to 1100 nanometers. Sensor output in 1w/sqm. Range 0..1800 w/sqm. 0.6m cable.
£265.00 £318.00 inc VAT

WS-SEN-UV Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor
Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor
Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor. Measures the Ultraviolet Radiation Dose and Index. Spectral 280 to 360nm (Erythhema Action Spectrum). Sensor cable 0.9m 4-wire. Connects to wetaher station or WS-MOD-249 interface.
£508.00 £609.60 inc VAT

WS-SOLRAD WS-SOLRAD Solar Radiation Sensor (Pyranometer)
WS-SOLRAD Solar Radiation Sensor (Pyranometer)
Pyranometer to measure solar radiation. 10..30Vdc power supply. 0..10Vdc output signal. Spectral range: 300..2800nm. IP67.
£724.00 £868.80 inc VAT