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Prodion Tenant Billing Software - Tenant Bills Created Easily and Effectively

SyxthSense Prodion software is complemented with unique tenant billing module. Prodion tenant billing module provides simple and effective way of generating bills from the utility meter readings. The layout of the bills is easily formatted using excel, and wide range of functions available makes the formatting of data extremely flexible. The billing module makes it simple to configure tenants and associate meters to the tenants. The Tenant Billling module can even be used to generate site wide reports on the consumption profiles.

Prodion Tenant Billing Features Include:-

  • Bill generation from the Prodion MS SQL meter data
  • Bills can be grouped by individual tenant or by tenant groups (e.g. building) allowing simple "single-click" generation of the bills
  • Bill templates are freely customisable using Excel for your requirements
  • Billing history is stored in the Prodion database
  • Energy meters can be easily associated with the relevant tenant
  • Meters can be scaled e.g. shared users
  • Bill generation is simple just by selecting the tenant type and the period required for the bills


Prodion Tenant Billing Bills Prodion Tenant Billing Bills List of Created Tenant Bills
  • Tenant Bills are created in the Bills tab of the Prodion software
  • Once generated the bills are chronologically listed in the system
  • The required bills can be easily printed or opened for further analysis
Prodion Tenant Bill Generation Prodion Tenant Bill Generation Prodion Tenant Bill Generation
  • Tenant Bills are generated simply by using wizards
  • Bills can be generated for individual tenants or for groups of tenants
Prodion Tenant Bill Generation Prodion Tenant Bill Generation Prodion Tenant Bill Generation - Date Selection
  • Tenant Bills are generated simply by using wizards
  • Bill generation wizards allows simple selection of the bill dates
Prodion Tenant Bill Report Prodion Tenant Bill Report Prodion Completed Tenant Bill
  • The generated tenat bills are easily viewed through Excel
  • The can be printed out with a single click

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