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Offering the best solutions is what SyxthSense is all about and Produal Proxima MESH is the latest addition to our Wireless Sensor portfolio. These all new wireless sensors are available in battery or... [FULL ARTICLE]

Please see the official press release here: lding/postponed.html We wish everyone well during this period, pleas... [FULL ARTICLE]

The SRC600 Modbus and BACnet controller range now supports also control of 6-way valves! This expands already highly capabel all-in-one touchscreen control solution even further. - SRC600 range is st... [FULL ARTICLE]

The SyxthSense Communicating BACnet and Modbus colour touchscreen options and functionality keep growing. Following this continuous product development process the SRT-50 range of touchscreens have be... [FULL ARTICLE]

The new 2020 Room Control, Measurement and Room Interface Solutions brochure is now available for download from here. Our range includes:- BACnet and Modbus Classic Room Controllers BACnet and Modbus ... [FULL ARTICLE]

SyxthSense is pleased to announce the SRC-500 touchscreen apartment controller. The controllers are available with BACnet and Modbus. These controllers feature attractive 3.5 inch colour touchscreen... [FULL ARTICLE]

We will shortly have the colour touchscreens available with white front in addition to the white enclosure. Please see below some of the examples of the colours. [FULL ARTICLE]

CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS 2018 December 20, 2018

Our offices will close on Friday 21st of December 5pm and open on Tuesday 2 January 2019 8.30am. We wish you all Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2019! [FULL ARTICLE]

SyxthSense 2020 Product Catalogue and 2020 Room Solutions Brochures

Click here to download SyxthSense Product Catalogue (124 pages), 2020 Room Solutions (28 pages), Classic Room Control and Measurement Solutions (20 pages), and Touchscreen Room Solutions Brochure (12 pages) [requires registration].

SyxthSense Tools

SyxthSense provides number of useful tools for helping you to choose the correct products and applications. These tools have been developed over tens of years experience in the controls industry and will allow improved product selection.

Valve Sizing Tool Icon

Valve Sizing Tool

The valve sizing tool can be used to choose the correct valve based on the required flow and pressure drop. It is essential that the valve in the control systems is sized correctly as this offers improved energy and comfort control performance. Our valve sizing tool can be used for both water based and steam based systems. [Requires log in].

SmartSelect Icon

SmartSelect HRP22/LRP Controller Application Selection Tool

The SmartSelect Tool has been developed for easy installation of HRP22 and LRP4 controllers. The tool allows visual selection of the controller application (e.g. two boiler control with weather compensation and individual HWS cylinder control). Once the application has been selected the tool provides the wiring details (for panel building), operating and maintenance manual (O&M manual), and the controller program. The SmartSelect tool significantly reduces the installation time and therefore installation costs. [Requires log in].

Sensor Curve Icon

Sensor Resistance Calculation Tool

SyxthSense Sensor Resistance/Temperature tool allows quick reference between the temperatures and the corresponding resistances. The tool can also be used accurately project temperature for a given resistance, or vice versa. All typical sensor types are incorporated, e.g. NTC10, Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC10k Satchwell "T-Type", NTC20. Click the below links for resistance calculation.