SyxthSense 2020 Product Catalogue and 2020 Room Solutions Brochures

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FS-SC-VP-PROX Tamperproof Thermostat or Sensor Cover
Tamperproof Thermostat or Sensor Cover
Impact resistant clear polycarbonate guard for sensors, thermostats, lamps, switches, etc with dimensions smaller than L 102 x W 102 x H 35. No access to fixings when cover is fitted. 360 Air movement to contents of the cover. Unit is supplied with a keyring mountable security key for opening the cover. Outer Dimensions W135 x H135 x D39mm. Suitable, for example, all Wireless Room Sensors, TEHR, TEHU, KLH, HLS, TD12, HT12, ATE, TAM, RDP, DAE , DTP, and LAP5/10 Extension Timers.
£19.40 £23.28 inc VAT

WA-AS1 - Base Station Antenna Extension Cable
 - Base Station Antenna Extension Cable
WA-AS1 is an optional accessory for the WBU base station. It is a 3 meter long extension cable for Produal Proxima WBU wireless base unit antenna. WA-AS1 can be used to improve network coverage when the base unit is installed inside a steel cabinet or other compromised location. The product is compatible with the Produal Proxima MESH wireless network. This accessory must be purchased separately to the WBU unit.
£80.00 £96.00 inc VAT

WBU - Wireless Base Station for Proxima Mesh
 - Wireless Base Station for Proxima Mesh
WBU is a base station for Produal Proxima MESH wireless network transmitters and input modules. The transmitter information can be read via Modbus or through the 6 analogue outputs. The base unit supports Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.
£280.00 £336.00 inc VAT