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Wireless Outside and Generic Sensors | RY-FL Wireless Input/Output Module

Wireless Input/Output Module

Datasheet (426kB)

RY-FL is a wireless locally powered 230 Vac transmitter using 868.30 MHz frequency and FSK modulation. It is designed to provide measurements and control wirelessly for building and other automation systems. RYFL is designed for demanding applications and with long transmission range. The transmission distance can be further expanded using wireless repeaters..

RY-FL has 2 inputs / 2 outputs for measurements and control. Inputs can be configured individually as DIs (digital volt-free) or AIs (analogue 0..10Vdc). Outputs can be configured as AOs (analogue 0..10Vdc/PWM) or ROs (230Vac SPDT relays). The RY-FL provides also 24Vac power terminals for the 0..10Vdc transmitters for easy of wiring and reduced installation costs.  
There is a two-way communication between RY-FL transmitters and the FLTA base station. RY-FL transmits the signals to the FLTA every 6 seconds.  
Each RY-FL is configured at the commisioning stage with its own RY-FL identification number (RYFL ID) and the FLTA master device number (MID). The addressing is done wirelessly using FLSER Configuration Tool.  
  • 230Vac power supply
  • 2 inputs individually configurable as digital volt-free contacts or as analogue 0..10Vdc inputs
  • 2 outputs individually configurable as 230Vac SPDT relays or 0..10Vdc (PWM triac) control signals
  • 24Vac auxiliary power supply to 0..10Vdc transmitters
  • Wall mounted design with external FLAN antenna (sold separately)
  • Up to 20 RY-LF modules in a single FLTA network, up to 63 FLTA networks
Wireless IO Wiring  
Wireless IO System Example  
Power Supply: 230Vac 12VA
RF Transmission: 868.30 MHz FSK Modulation
Transmission Range: Line of sight: Up to 500m
In buildings up to 20..100m depending on wall strcutures
Range can be extended up to 8 times with FLREP/FLREP-U repeaters
RY-FL Inputs: 2 individually configurable channels that can be configured as
- analogue 0..10Vdc input or
- digital Volt-Free inputs
RY-FL Outputs: 2 individually configurable channels that can be configured as
- analogue 0..10Vdc output (24Vac triac PWM operation parallel) or
- digital 230Vac SPDT relay output
Addressing and Configuration: Via FLSER service tool (v2.2 or later)
Operating Temperature: 0°C...+50°C
Dimensions: 150W x 210H x 110D mm